My backpack is full of beer and crystals, lets kill monsters

We've been busy working on the visual overhaul of Adelaide and have some updates to share on the new look, some new sound and a look at how items work for our dear girl, Petrich.

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Petrich learns to run in 8 directions

The original design of Adelaide was a purely top-down view. While this originally worked well for the combat in the game, we found that we couldn't quite get the level of expression and detail we were looking for. So we've been working on a visual overhaul with a new angle in mind. Part of that means reworking all of the sprites - like, ALL of the sprites - starting with Petrich herself, our main character.

Thanks to the excellent work of @acewaydev, we've got 8-way running and idle animations for Petrich, as well as a new work-in-progress tileset for the main town and the first world area. Here's a look!

Petrich running animation sample

What does "mysterious adventure begins" sound like?

Of course, as we build out the world and improve on our character designs, we're also working on the OST. The most recent track added to the game is called "The Last We Lost" and plays in the very first area Petrich will venture forth into. I think it sounds very great but you can give it a listen for yourself below so that you can agree with me.

Alright but what about the beer and crystals?

Right. Indeed.

In Adelaide, magic alone is not enough to traverse the unknown and discover the secrets of the storm. You'll need help in the form of items which range from magic crystals to powerful tinctures to... well, a strong beer.

Let's take a look at a few items (and a very work-in-progress inventory screen)

Drinking while slinging spells is... erratic. Though, with the right kind of magic, it can be a big deal to have such a high critical hit chance. Strong Ale is a very affordable way to crit often and combines well with spells or other items which trigger bonus effects on crit. Of course, drinking too much is never a great idea. Things might not go well for you if you're caught in a boss encounter with one too many ales in you.

Next up, we've got crystals. Crystals are a unique form of consumable item which create a "crystalline fog" around Petrich upon use. The fog sticks around for quite some time and applies a short-lived bonus whenever Petrich enters the fog. In this case, the Yellow Crystal increases your speed for a few moments whenever you pass through its fog. Crystals are great for long battles and situations that requiring holding down a position for some period of time (ahem, extremely obvious foreshadowing).

Next up is the "Blossom Tincture" - one of many tinctures that Petrich may come across in her travels. Tinctures all help improve the flow of magic within a spellcaster. In this case, it can help speed up cooldowns and supercharge the pace at which Petrich can sling some spells. Nabi, a vendor in town, sells some basic tinctures, but is also able to formulate some highly potent and powerful tinctures if brought the right materials.

The last item we'll look at today is a randomly generated rare ring. In Adelaide, you'll come across rings, amulets and circlets with randomly rolled stats. Each type of gear specializes in certain effects, and may have anywhere from one to four magical properties. Upon finding an unidentified piece of gear, you can take it to the town scholar for investigation. After identifying the item, you're free to equip it to an item slot to benefit from the effects. 

In the picture above, we've got a "rare" circlet, meaning it has three properties. This particular circlet is excellent for an early game Elemental build, giving bonus damage output, bonus Elemental spellcasting output, and a higher chance for enemies to drop loot. There are dozens of possible bonuses from these items, not including "Arcane" level gear which we'll get to in another devlog altogether.

Keepin' on keepin' on

There's still so much more to share about Adelaide and we're super excited to show you more. As we work towards our goal of an open beta by the end of the year, we'll have more and more to share. In the meantime, please follow Adelaide on twitter and follow the page here on Itch for updates, announcements and early notice on beta invites.

Take care of yourself now,

~ The Adelaide Dev Team

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